Ends on July 8, 2019

Multiple price options

Poems must be written in the English language.

Poems can be of any length.

You can enter as many poems as you like.

Poems must not have been previously published.

Please do not include your name on your poem, so all poems can be considered anonymously.

50 poems will be longlisted and published in our annual anthology. 

20 poems will be shortlisted and performed at our annual prize-giving event. 

The overall winner will be awarded a £1000 prize. 

There will be a £100 prize for the best poem submitted by someone living, working or studying in the Borough of Greenwich. 

Entry fees: £6.50 for a single poem, £12 for two poems, £16.00 for three poems, £20 for five poems, £35 for ten poems. Select the amount that you need to pay from the drop down list. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via www.livecanon.co.uk